couture hat amsterdam



demure AW19 campaign

「書を捨てよ、街へ出よう。」or ‘Ditch the book, hit the street’.

The images can look like a corner of any city. Also, each image has so many expressions, even conflicting ones. We fully enjoyed the maximum potential of visual effects and endless scenarios/ stories by hitting the streets.

As far as the hats are concerned, while you see the trendy bucket styles and other street-inspired looks, the effects of couture elements are even more present. This is because I wanted to show that, any look can be optimised only by intense handwork and that I do not see so called street style as a plot to sell simple products made with cheap and unsustainable materials. For me, street style is all about going out there and being a dynamic part of a bigger stories and great romances..

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire creative team for enormous creativity and warm and long-lasting friendship.