couture hat amsterdam

Spring & Summer 2019 Collection

Yuki Isshiki


The theme of demure Spring & Summer collection is 'Beach Wedding, Its Guests and the Morning After'. It however is not a bridal-only collection. Most of the pieces carry very casual air and you could definitely wear them daily. Shades of whites, natural linen colours and straw colours are clean and classic yet overall styles of the hats are very relaxed. Materials are all natural and high quality to survive the strong UV and life full of activities while looking chic. These pieces will hopefully make you feel special while enjoying summer holidays or commuting to work in the sun.
While producing this collection, I somehow had this story of a very modern wedding on my mind. A small gathering to celebrate the newly wed, private and relaxed. Everyone needs a hat because it is sunny on the beach. The groom may fall into the sand and the bride, instead of looking like a 'princess for a day' turns up in her favourite summer dress and roses made with washed out cottons. In-laws and some ex-es. A friend who used to be and maybe still is in love with one of the couple. Even maybe future lovers. Literally anything is possible and nothing is eternal these days and maybe because of that it feels magical for these people to get together to spend some carefree happy moments. So in this collection, there may be some traditional bridal cues in terms of colours (whit-ish) the styles are very individual as if each piece forms a character in this wedding story. And the white-ish shades that I chose have lots of nuances and textures. I was surprised myself
to have found some beautiful ivory waxed linens and some other beautiful white shades.

The beautiful campaign images were, like AW18,  produced by photographer Nicky Onderwater and stylist Thomas Vermeer. Both Thomas and Nicky have supported demure from the very beginning and brought so much inspirations to my work. Now that I run demure also as a business, my campaigns needs to reflect some commercial needs but lure of just going creative without thinking β€˜Is it gonna sell?’ is so irresistible. And I love that my team also seems to share the same sense of 'guilty pleasure'. My quiet dream is to continue with this team and one day produce a little album. Please take a look at the images on my 'campaign pages' and get inspired.

As the days become longer and we see more of the sun, I wish you all lovely spring and summer with good UV protection!